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Awesome, and about time!

Lake ONtario Mac's

How awesome to have a nice warm and wavy SBX session!! I think it was quite the treat, since it wasn't supposed to get nearly that windy, but the winds just cranked to 25+ and produced some really nice clean waves at Uppers. It was messy as hell at Mac's proper, but uppers was firing with some nice long rides. I saw a handful of guys like Old Whitey and Fathom cut loose from uppers and ride waves nearly all the way back down.

Great to see lots of happy faces and many that I have not seen since last year! Can't wait to go back... but alas, not tomorrow. Legoland calls. *sniff*. Hope you guys score some more tomorrow!

Weather Conditions

head high DTL.

The Day at a Glance


  SW 24-28 25




  105 One to start, 78 Quad by 2pm./4.7 and 4.2 Goya Banzais


  4 hrs.

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