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The stars aligned today

Ontario Mac

I expected working until noon then going to Beaverton with rINR as the forecast for SBX was for the wind to go NW/offshore somewhere between 1 and 5pm.

At noon, the stars lined up.

The power went out in the building until mid afternoon, so no work can be done, at the same time got a txt from OW saying Mac is going off and FISH and a bunch of Quebecois were there.

So last minute change of plan (sorry rINR/Sandman?GTA grouop for saying Beaverton), counting that the VERY slow moving system would not change to NW until 5pm.

Drove with the wind in my back, kept 10-20km/h below impounding speed, shaved off 30min my usual time to get there.

What a change from yesterday's session.

Arrived to glorious SBX with sunshine, wave, wind and all kind of smiley faces. 2min chat then on the water in less than 10min.

And it was a beautiful day at Mac and esp. upper Mac.

Head high waves, clean at upper Mac, 4.2 fully powered for 3 hrs (pretty much straight except for short break energy intake and fine tuning the sail and fixing OW finger cut and broken blisters) , it was warm and sunny and it was WEST.

Fun to watch the usual guys ripping up the waves today.

No aerials today just some nice turns after turns with no back winding for a change from yesterday.

Drove back smiling the whole way, exhausted.

Thank you OW for the call !!!

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Best summer Mac ever.

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  W 23-29 18




  Tabou PW 85/Superfreak 4.2


  3 hrs.

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