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Allenwood Goes Off

Georgian Bay Allenwood Beach

On the water by 2:00, loaded up on a 4.5/68L Twinser to get through all the messy chaotic conditions. Board is a hot knife through butter. After about an hour and a half the wind clocked NW, the winds intensified and the waves cleaned to perfection. Switch to the 82L Quad to enjoy the improved conditions. Environment Canada had the swells in the middle of the bay at 9 feet though I am sure they jacked up even higher as they pounded the Lower Bowl. Logo high sets everywhere with the odd close to mast high set for the next 3 hours. Has to be top three in my memories of big clean days at Allenwood. Seemed like everyone had a storey of being sent through the washing machine and swimming after their gear at some point during the afternoon. Once again the Sandman was the last off the water, that dude is an Ironman! Dragged my exhausted cramped body off the bay at 6:30. Need to get rested up for tomorrow and Friday's encore forecast. Great group of guys out today to share the conditions. Finally. Celebrex here I come!!!

Weather Conditions

Massive clean waves. As good as it gets up here!

The Day at a Glance


  NW 22-26 18




  68L JP Twinser / 82L JP Quad/4.5NP Atlas


  4 hrs.

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