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Georgian Bay Allenwood

Scarey as they are, big waves get my juices flowing! First hr & half was messy onshore super to over powered on my M (rigged like a 4.2??), was thinking of going for the small sail, but needed the power to get out of the mush. At first we had a light drizzel but was not too bad. The water felt nice but had to wear the 4/3 suit as the air was bloody cold...especially for August! So rain stops, sunshine for a while and the wind switches. There was still a messy area on the way out where I really had to navigate my way out as big waves were breaking everywhere. Once out, around the lower bowl, they became big and clean. Allenwood must have been using a really tall mast because from my perspective, some sets were at least mast high! Had couple of spectacular wipeouts where I got tumbled over and under and over and under my kitt! On one occasion i felt a snap and what felt like an electric shock in my neck, and on another (my last run) the gear got totally ripped from my hands! As for riding, it wasn't the greatest especially for frontside, with so much power in the sail and even more power with the wave, however I did manage to score some memorable rides both in the big lower bowl waves and a few on the outside closer to the parking where the wave size was not as intimidating but still a good logo high! I just wished that the wind had a little more angle to it, but still, a terrific Allenwood day with lots of smiles and fun!

Weather Conditions

Rain, cloud, sun, big waves

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  NW 28-32 17




  Goya78 Quad/Chopper M


  4 hrs.

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