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Lake Ontario Marc's Point

Arrived at noon, sunny, sweet wind in the perfect direction and building waves. Once my eyesight returned after accidentally looking directly at Fish's new board in the sunlight, it was Quad, 4.7 and off for the best day at Mac's since last fall. Head high and way bigger the further up you went with perfect sideshore for multi-turn riding pleasure. Lots of shredders out today. Surprised to see Amin and Tom - those guys know better than we seem to about our weather. Not sure I would have made the drive on the expected forecast - thankfully it far exceeded that. Gusts to 30 at mid afternoon, toasty warm air and water and wall to wall sunshine. After six plus hours yesterday and four today, my hands are total hamburger. Thankfully, although he repeatedly claimed he was sailing Beaverton, Dr Fathom patched me up and allowed my day to be finished out.

Saw some fine sailing today- Fish, Amin, Peter were all ripping. A few faces I didn't recognize as well as some old friends. Welcome back Andrew, young family in tow.

An awful lot of happy, smiling, tired faces at the end of today. What a great one - and tomorrow looks to be a repeat of sorts. I'm going to need artificial limbs to hold the boom.

Weather Conditions

Sunny, windy, wavey, shred- ey

The Day at a Glance


  W 25-30




  Quad 83/Simmer Icon 4.7


  4 hrs.

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