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Double overtime adrenaline sesh

Erie Sherks

So worked overnite Tuesday... came home breakie quick nap then rolled to Sherkston.Arrived at beach 1:00 sun/cloud and solid low 5's into 4.7.Rig 5.3 quick quick and hit the water.My last few sessions have been time crunched so sailed Burlington Bay & beach side while rest of crew where killing it at Sherks and beyond.So a treat to get out on big water in breezy wavy conditions.Was on 92 "twin" which is such a gunny slashy ride.Headed up to "shipwreck" where waves more organized with headhigh to logo sets coming through...some nice long rides with drifty jumps heading out...5.3 was a bit much for an hour+.... for sure when on waves but worked it... some on 4.5-4.7.

Just a spoiled feeling day getting out on "Da Reef"

Feeling beat up now....will pick up a few "Red Bulls"to get me through tonite...all very well worth it!!

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  W 17-25 18




  Mistral 92 /Maui Sails 5.3 Ghost


  7 hrs.

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