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Lake Erie Erie

To sum it up, today was one of the most fun days (if not the most!) of the year for me. When I got to the beach, just 3 guys out and the word was 5.8/ 90L would work good. The reef was breaking but didn't look like anything special. Rigged up and took off. My kit felt just perfect for the conditions and the wind felt pretty steady. As the afternoon rolled on the waves were getting bigger and cleaner. Direction was WSW and was perfect for anything. Steep ramps for good airs, long waves for awesome rides , nice smooth section to go crazy on any which way you want to turn....Just perfect. On the outside it was quite messy with big chop mixed with the swells, but the reef was friggen awesome producing some head high sets. Just wish I hadn't sailed the day before, because after 2 brutal days and 4 hours today I was done! Tomorrow again...should be epic!

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   20- 20




  Goya 92 Quad/Chopper XL


  4 hrs.

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