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Stormy and big

Lake Ontario Ellerbeck Launch

Raced back to Ktown from a nice visit to my folks to find the rain clearing and winds ramping. Sailed for almost a couple hours in big rolling B&J, first 4.2 then 3.7. Nice ramps for shoveits but not much else. Amazing how a one foot breaking wave at SBX is a nicer ramp than an 8 foot crumbling roller. Regardless, strong wnds are always fun regardless and had some good runs b&f with the odd big jumparoo.

Hope you guys scored some more Mac's last week, THu or Friday... I'm convinced Old Whitey asked everyone not to post their epic sessions to preserve my fragile mental state.

Weather Conditions

big B&J

The Day at a Glance


  SW 25-30




  78 Quad/4.2/3.7 Banzai


  2 hrs.

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