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Living Up to Expectations

Lake Erie Sherkston

Finally scored a session at Sherkston after driving down on two other occasions and coming home dry with an empty gas tank. For years Sandro has been trying to convince me to load up the trailer and make the trip down and I am glad I finally listened. On the road by 8:00 with Tuck Tape Mike and Chris the Kiter, hitting the water around 11:30. Session totally exceeded all my expectations validating the hype. The 25-30 knot SW winds (the locals say WSW is even better) combined with massive logo high, smooth waves allowed for big air on the way out and long wave rides coming in. There was something about the angle of the wave there that allowed for front side riding much easier than the wave at Allenwood. Tried to hone that skill but still very much to learn. Thanks to Sandro for playing tour guide and introducing us to all the locals. As everyone else has mentioned on other posts the regulars, Casey, Northshore, the Windmill etc are friendly and the overall vibe on the beach is infectious. Ended up on my favourite board and favourite sail for 5 hours of wave action. Can't ask for more than that. Session of the summer so far, 5 stars!

Weather Conditions

Strong winds and big smooth waves

The Day at a Glance


  SW 25-30 18




  82 JP Quad/4.5 NP Atlas


  5 hrs.

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