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Skunked into a Fall session, should have gone South old man!

Ontario Paradise (not) park

The goods: got a lot of gardening done and spent time with the family and got to 'sail' with Jetmech (his first session out in a year).

The bads: everything windsurfing related.

Waited all day for the forecasted wind to come up. Supposed to go SW 30 knots by 5pm with rain clearing and a sunset session without having to drive anywhere (thought about joining the Sherkston crew).

All day was watching 30 knots SW with sunshine at Sherkston and imagining what it would be like. Instead it started pouring rain and never let up until sunset. Half way through the afternoon, the forecast changed to ...minimum wind.

Went to Paradise since Jetmech is going anyway, went out on the 5.8 and his board as I could tell I gained too much weight to go out on my 85L. No planing. Dropped the sail, hypothermia could have set in, could not feel my finger, could barely uphaul with the swell. Glad Jetmech had a few meager runs with my Bic Nova 180.

In retrospect, a nice session at Sherkston's 30 knots and 21C water would have been MUCH better than 14 knots and 9C (!!!) water. This is one case where I should have driven to find wind.

Sorry I dragged rINR, Jetmech and Windchiro into the same mess.


If it wasn't for a stellar session 3d prior at SBX I would have been pissed.

Weather Conditions

COLD, 9C water (7C this morning). This is mid-August damn it!!

The Day at a Glance


  SW 14-15 9




  Jetmech's 93L/Boxer 5.8


  20 min.

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