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Rushed, frustrated, then finally some waves

Georgian Bay near Collingwood

Got off work an hour early... should have taken the whole day. Was on the water around 4, but wasted some time fiddling with new gopro, and launched from my marina, which is a terrible idea in such high wind. Would have schlogged out ok, but saw boom was not properly clamped on, and fell in trying to fix it (fixed it while swimming, then waterstaring in crazy swirly marina wind was fun). By the time I had things figured out with retuning the sail properly, and fiddling with the gopro, wind eventually dropped to about 15kts...

Got one or two rides on the 3.0/pro wave combo before it died, was hoping for much more though.

Too hard to waterstart a 3.0 in the weakened wind, and broke my uphaul line...

Had some dinner then went out with a paddle and finally caught some sweet waves, ahhhh. Rode some big clean beauties until sunset, then packed it in and stepped on a big rusty nail getting out. What a day... at least I had a tetinus shot 2 weeks ago from a bad cut at work.

Didn't bother with the Thursday sesh (due to foot) until sunset, threw some tuck tape on the heel and SUPed the remaining swell for a an hour at sunset again...

Weather Conditions

25-30kts side/on

to 15kts sideshore

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance






  8'10 prowave/North 3.0m Ego


  3 hrs. 20 min.

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