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Lake Erie Long Beach

Fantastic 4 days of sailing at LB

Wednesday was WNW so a bit of a challenge to get to the wind

line and again back to the beach.

You ride close to the point on that direction.....some nice little waves close to the reef.

Thursday was a surprise session with all the wind being in the west bay. Good session with Gary who was visiting from Alberta and kiter Charlie.

Friday was a perfect WSW day at LB

The wind clocked from WSW to SSW as the day went on

so we got some nice waves later in the day.

waterman2012 showed up and had a great session

Good job in all that wind and chop!

Some nice pictures on of the day

Saturday.....WOW!! I just LOVE days like that :-)

Testing the limits of your ability and equipment.

|It's usually Sharryn and I and the guys but 3 other ladies

came out :-) I am so blown away by the incredible riding by the girls!

Lots of new people out

Good to see Mark. Brian and Terry.....made it look easy out there!

Went out 3 different times....had to swim through a pretty good break to get going.

I got a little up close and personal with the wave data collector that's anchored off the beach....:-)

Wild chop inside with bigger waves outside

So far the best day of the year :-)))

Picture of John walking on water on Friday

Saturdays wind graph

Chris Bridle right and me left.....see my white knucles?


Weather Conditions

Crazy windy with BIG gusts

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  SW 31-33 21






  3 hrs.

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