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Erie Sherks

Loaded up Friday nite on QEW 8AM after a nite Pleasant Bch just after 9am text update to crew 4,7ish & onshore . quick supply run then into Sherks ...its windy...a few kites out & one sail....rig up & head out Allenwood & '"TT" Mike soon out... usual suspects trickle in

Comparing Wednesday sesh to today...Wednesday steady westerly with building easy clean waves on 5.3 5.0 would have worked

Today heavier onshore wind & waves & as gusty as I've seen....but what a sesh... waves at downwind end of reef guessing logo high++ cleaning up late afternoon fairly disorganized on outside so sticking at reef was best ...then drizzle....some big airtime & crashes on the wave faces for me followed by a couple of swims for gear & retrieving a kiteboard as saw guy body dragging for it..solid kite/windsurf crew & plenty of stoke... & a bite ..10PM all a blur hit the wall & out for 12 hours...a memorable sesh

Weather Conditions

Side On On... gusty with building break with big choppy swells on outside

The Day at a Glance


  SW 25-30 20




  Mistral Twinzer 92 /MauiSails 4.2/4.6 Mutants


  5 hrs. 30 min.

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