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5 Days in August

Lake Erie/Ontario Skerkston, Point Traverse

Crazy week on both lakes. I love the comments and stories from everyone over the last few days!!

Started last Tuesday at Point Traverse when me and thewindmil finally got the chance to met some of the SBX crew and other semi-locals. Thanks everyone! Point Traverse is a beautiful location (hard to get to). Rained a lot that day but still got a few hours on the 4.9 and you could see the potential of that spot. Thanks to rinr for picking me up downwind on my first ride out way underpowered. Folks met: old whitey, rinr, fathom, windchiro, joe!

Wednesday was a classic Sherkston day with WSW with nice wave riding on 5.8/4.9 and still using the 95L quad. Great day.

Thursday we ended up at Club LaSalle where I used my new (used) RRD windsup. NW winds light at the start but with rideable waves near the boat ramp. Wind really picked up around 3 and jumped on 4.9/5.8 combo again. Fun blasting but not ideal wave riding.

Friday was another great Sherkston late afternoon session with only a few sails out. 4.9 with 95L on super smooth sections on nice Westerly winds.

Saturday was a full day at Sherkston on the 4.3 with 95L. Winds were SW but I still had a real blast. Beach was full and it was so much fun seeing so many sails on the water. Got to meet a few guys from the Georgian Bay area I think which was nice.

A few photos here and a lot more at

These photos are in reverse order I think starting from Saturday going back to Tuesday).

Weather Conditions

SE, WSW, NW, W, SW. Overall awesome!

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  SW 20-30 20




  Simmer Quad 95/Goya Quad 78/KS3 5.8, 4.9 and 4.3


  7 hrs.

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