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Around the Island (for the first time)

Lake Nitinat Nitinat

I was out at Long Beach earlier in the month with my daughter so she could surf and now it was my son’s turn. The forecast is looking good, but not epic.

Nitinat has been performing well this week and good temperature differentials between Tofino and Port Alberni are forecast for Friday and Saturday (our two days there). We will continue to use Nitinat as ‘plan B’ option in case of no swell and/or fog at Long Beach.

Long Beach is forecast to be 5-20 WNW afternoon wind on Sunday and Wednesday (no forecast beyond that), which means the NW flow should be active (good). Swell at Long Beach is forecast at 2 to 3 feet for the week ranging fron 5 seconds to 14 seconds (good for learning to surf) with slightly larger (2-4 feet) forecast for Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday (the days with wind in the forecast). Some south swell was forecast at the beginning of the week and again at the end.

We spent the morning traveling over from the Lower Mainland – 8:30 ferry sailing, quick stop in Duncan for fresh items for dinner, and gas in Youbou, and hour and a half on the logging roads and we arrived at the lake at about 1:30 pm. I was slightly disappointed when I saw the wind looked light (likely due to the high cloud) but it was still workable for Ethan. We got lucky and a camper trailer was just pulling out as we arrived so we got a like-side site in amongst the old growth trees! Super cool for Ethan and Carson to experience this on their first trip to Nitinat!

The wind kept building as we set up our camp site and as Ethan and Carson swam and Ethan had his windsurfing session. When I took to the water I could get my ‘big gear’ working with some effort. Then the evening push happened and it was third gear sailing that allowed a trip upwind to round the island and return with a fun downwinder!

Some show boating close to shore for Ethan and Carson atop the ‘’lookout’ stump on the beach and it was time for dinner! Ethan and Carson were both really enjoying the playful freedom of Nitinat!

Quotes of the session:

Ethan (after his first ride in the steady afternoon wind): “I love windsurfing!”

Ethan (looking at the sun setting over the lake while we ate our dinner: “I love this place!”

Me: “Me too! I thought you might.” [smiles]

Weather Conditions

Wind *** (out of five stars)

Light late start, but as George said, “very good quality”. Wind was a little light just off the beach, steady from shore to shore.

Water/Waves *** (out of five stars)

Small chop.

Jumps *** (out of five stars)

Jumping in both directions (starboard favoured).

Stoke *** (out of five stars)

Ethan and I were both stoked to be windsurfing. We were all enjoying spending time in the special place!

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  W 16-22 20




  Rio 135 (Ethan), FSW 110 (me)/Ezzy 1.9 (Ethan), Ezzy Wave Panther 6.0 (me)


  2 hrs.

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