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Two sport (plus) Sunday - again

Lake Ontario Paradise Park

What a day! It's nice to go to bed exhausted from having too much fun.

My day started with some office work at 5:00 am and checking out a reduced forecast from the night before....bummer!

When my youngest finally woke up I asked if he wanted to go for a walk, but he wanted to go for a bike ride. We loaded up the bike and parked at the bottom of Lakeridge and headed west on the waterfront trail. We ended up at Paradise park where I knew Fathom was out on big gear. Surprisingly it was windier than I'd anticipated. We finished off our bike ride and I loaded up to do some windskippy.

When I got back down to Paradise Park it looked like it backed off but I figure on a hot hot humid day it would be nice either way. Fortunately the wind filled in nicely and it was 2 hours of planing on 8.5M and Go 140L.

I got back home and unloaded the van, took a shower, and ate. I dragged my reluctant oldest son up to Durham Forest for an awesome ride. This time hitting all the descents the right way, but it still includes a lot of climbing either way. We did Burnt Toast, to Bowes trail, to Bowes too, Trans Canada trail, to lost and lost some more, to Wall of Pain (not good if exhausted) to Superfly Alley (twice), and back via lots of being lost.....14 km total in 2 hours.

I got back from that adventure take shower number three for the day, and eat dinner. Then my youngest wants to go for a walk. I did about 45 minutes of that until my leg was killing me....go home and SLEPT like a baby. Do babies snore?

Weather Conditions

light wind with some rolling swell

The Day at a Glance


  SW 14-16 25




  Go 140L/NP 8.5M V8


  2 hrs.

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