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Another surprise Formula session

Ontario Paradise

A repeat of last week but better and longer.

Woke up at five am.

Supposed to go to Sherkston, however forecast dropped big time.

Made coffee in bed for my wife and earn some bonus points instead.

Then the wind surprisingly picked up again so decided to try Formula.

Good choice, wind was steady 14-16 SSW well past my muscles giving out.

No waves, just flat out Formula sailing.

Surprisingly smooth even with the chop. Cool thing was running the trough and going faster than the wave period upwind, well past wind speed.

Reiner joined, first on the beach biking by, then later on the water. Fun cutting him off on a downwind run, for once.

While chasing him, noted that although flying the fin smoothed the board and made it more lively, it was actually slower than flying the boom even with a waist harness (after raising it a lot).

Quads were done and I was hypoglycemic after 4 hrs of it.

Funny comment from a little girl while I was packing about those are the men flying on the water.

Not a wave sailing day but fun.

Out for early dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant, ate my dinner, half of my wife and another half of my kid's.

Weather Conditions

Small chop, clearing sky, and steady wind

The Day at a Glance


  SW 14-16 20




  SB Formula/Retro 8


  4 hrs.

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