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Late to the party

Central Bay Crissy Field

Showed up at Crissy to join Kevin and James, only by the time I was ready to go they were wiped out.

Still, I managed a good 45 minutes on 4.2/78L before.

It was filled in right to shore so I ripped some full planing gybes, though didn't know how to handle the speed coming out of one and slowed to a crawl as I bobbled the sail around trying not to get catapulted.

Got a couple of good port-tack hops before the flood kicked into full force and the wind dropped enough to make me nervous about getting back to the beach.

Called it quits quickly since I was nearly solo on the water and on the smaller size of gear.

My tell-tale cut on the inside of my thumb is opened up on my right hand (index fingernail scraping the skin?). Didn't open any blisters, but today was a good callus is forming.

Weather Conditions

Steep chop and solid wind at the start, then big but less steep chop and lulls on the tail end.

The Day at a Glance


  NW 23-28




  78L Freewave/4.2 Guru


  45 min.

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