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Baja Beauty '2'

Sea of Cortez Los Barriles

So the forecast (i windsurf) showing 3 in a row. Sure enough tuesday morning, the flag was going, white caps all over, but never filled in quite enough hovering around 10 kts. I later learned that an hr up the road at La Ventana, the wind blew 4.5 all day! Ah well... all part of windsurfing!

Wednesday rolled in and was looking real promising. Still quite light in the early morning, I went to town with my wife and got back just in time for the good winds. Was out on a 4.5 totally dialed in, water conditions similar to the monday session, but the air just a little cooler with the el Norte blowing hard. An hr in, and the wind let up a little, so up for lunch and a snooze until the winds came back...which did! Spent another couple of hrs 'mowing the lawn' and all of a sudden it shut down!

No more wind for the rest of the trip!.

will try post a little video clip later.

Weather Conditions

Steady winds, sunny , warm

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  N 24-28 22




  RRD 86L/NP 4.5


  3 hrs.

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