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New spot success

G.Bay Jackson Beach Park

Fist time at Ossassone/Jackson Beach Park... nice spot. Wind was slightly WSW when I first showed up after work, which turned out to be dead onshore with the breaking waves (was hoping they'd wrap around a bit...). Was pumped to find out I can get decent waves on a WSW without driving to Sauble.

Wind was strong when I showed up, but died to the point where I had to uphaul a couple times, so went in for the paddle. After a paddling for a ½ hour, realized the wind was back up and making life difficult, so went back to the sail.

I'll have to check out more spots on that side of the bay next time, still looking for a dead-sideshore spot on a W wind. Just not a fan of waveriding in onshore conditions (mabybe its my skill level?), too akward trying to pump downwind onto waves and do smooth turns… Sideshore just feels so much more playful/fun.

Weather Conditions

Dying WSW then building WNW

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  W 10-25 8




  119L Prowave/Ezzy wave 5.0


  3 hrs.

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