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Finally a great Mac's session

Lake Ontario Mac's Point

Way more wind than I was expecting. Arrived at 3:00 to peeling head high beauties and Kevin just packing it up after enjoying the afternoon there. It was pretty cold but that beat the dome. Headed up to uppers to ride the good ones at last. Hard to believe that it took until halfway through May to finally get a real wave session. Water is pretty low (although crystal clear) and there are a couple of exposed ledges in uppers that gave me a scare. Wind was full on 5.3 on the inside and I could have used a metre smaller out there. Very strange to be way out at uppers coming back in to line up a ride and seeing zero other sails in the zone. Some great multi-turn rides and some pretty good rinses too. Wind stayed up until I ran out of steam. Takes a lot more to really wave sail than to go back and forth bump and jumping. Definitely the best sesh of the year.

Weather Conditions

Sunny, cool, wavey, lonely

The Day at a Glance


  W -




  RRD 83 Quad/Simmer Icon 5.3


  3 hrs.

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