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Like a mini-Gorge

Bay of Quinte Potter's Creek Park

Was up in Belleville this morning meeting a windsurfer new to the area to show him all the good launches on a map. Thanks for the coffee Greg.

As I was headed south, noticed the bay was capping so went to Potter's Creek Conservation Area. It's like a windsurfer has taken over the maintenance of the place. There is a newly paved parking lot, grassy rigging in the shade with picnic tables right by the water. They have also created a gently sloping gravel launch area - simply deluxe baby! In a SW the wind funnels down the bay. It is narrow to the west and the whitecaps, swell and tunnel-like views so remind me of the Gorge. If you squint a little, you can pretend there are mountains on either side, and there are train tracks on the north bank. Had two fun hours of B & J and enjoyed the ramps which are a decent size out in the middle. Fun sailing with the big boats and lots of port tack jumps. They have never been my strong suit by I am determined to get them passable this year. I think on some of them my fin was actually out of the water. This is a great dome-busting spot and I am looking forward to coming back and sailing a big blow - the sooner the better. What was really nice was sailing my summer suit. I could easily have been in a shorty time for sure.

Weather Conditions

Sunny,hot, solid breeze. Bump and jump at its finest.

The Day at a Glance


  SW -




  RRD FSW 109/Simmer Icon 5.9


  2 hrs.

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