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Atlantic Ocean Cabarete

good wind. I went out on a JP FSW 111 And 5.5. I could have used a smaller board once I was out. Nice wind and the waves on the reef are just amazing ! It's was only blowing about 25 Knts and the waves are huge ! Some look about almost mast high.

Not quite which is a good thing. The Ocean freaks me out a bit and I would hate to break down at the reef. It is about a Km from the beach. I have seen a large sea turtle already and I am certain lots of friends are swimming around unseen.

More freaky in the end was the guy dressed from head to toe in some black skin protection suite. His whole face was covered and he had black ski like goggles on. I almost wiped out when I first saw him, he did not look at all normal or human, then I realized what I was looking at and was able to compose myself.

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