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Beaches in rear view mirror will appear farther away

Lake o Mcp

Unexpected easterly at mcp. Usually pretty solid and was pleased to see it did not kak out. Booked off work and rigged up the phantom. Water was not warm, neither the wind, but railed up and hiked out easily. Went waaaay out, probly further than I've ever been on Lake Ontario. Launch disappeared in the rear view. Maybe only 12 knots but the big rig was fully lit and clipping along pretty good: On and off the wind. That might sound lame, but these boards are technical to sail - lots of stuff going on with the raceboard.

Wind was pumping stronger upwind closer to shore, anti-dome(?) Powered up enough to use back straps. Weird but cool to have 3 1/2 metres of carbon flying up front.

Beast mode engaged. Last pic obvio not me today but same rig.

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