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Ocean sailing in my backyard (Flickr photos)

Pacific Ocean Sharp Park (Pacifica)

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Got a OSR from my neighbour Marc saying that Sharp Park was blowing 9m (kiting) and figured it would be 5.0 for me.

Everybody had gone that morning to the delta, so this was my chance to get some sailing in before dinner. In the end I managed fun times on a 5.3/86L 12 minutes from home.

Showed up late and hit the water around 4:30pm, got off 5:15pm

Closest sensor is Mussel Rock.... which shows completely meaningless numbers... Average flickring between 6-11... gust flickring between 12-16.

My neighbour (blue/yellow Naish kite) says it's like that on every SW wind, so I'll be keeping an eye on the flag (visible from the highway) which says how windy it is. He figures it will it will blow again tomorrow. By ~5:15 I was having trouble planing on 5.3

Grassy rigging area, right next to the launch. Way less choppy on the outside compared to OB, almost smooth. Annoyingly, this also meant no ramps to speak of. The only air I caught was on an incoming set wave as I first went out. Didn't really catch any waves, or feel like there was waves to turn on on the outside (unlike TI/Crissy/OB) as they were only breaking into shore. Getting out was no problem if you timed it with a lull in the waves.

Sets were probably head high but gentle on the outside.... I just didn't want to have anything to do with it. Shorepound was ugly if you caught it at the wrong time it would be solid should to head high.

Will definitely go back for more, and maybe learn to ride some waves.

Map of the area:

Weather Conditions

Steady wind, though it dropped somewhat throughout the session.

Flat water and big ocean rollers coming in cleanly but only setting up right by shore.

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


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  86L Kode/5.3 Ghost



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