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Candlestick is back... FINALLY (Flickr photos)

San Francisco Bay Candlestick Park

Flickr photos:

As Kevin put it... a session that makes you remember why you love Candlestick so much.

Probably 20-25 people on the water when I showed up late.

Looked pretty windy, but there were moments where people were schlogging so I went 4.5/99L.

Spocking was surprisingly easy today with some crashes but mostly crashes on exit & also lots of success. Managed one pretty clean loop and rotated half way through a flaka.

Kevin / Aaron and Pedro all took off pretty early, presumably to catch the Warriors game (game 2 of the final)

Had one big crash where I stuffed the nose of my board and just went flying ans slid along the sail all the way to the mast tip.

Came with with my elbow hurting and an abrasion on my hand... must have snagged it somewhere and feels like I hyper extended my elbow....

As I write this the day after, my neck is nice and stiff... so probably whiplashed myself a little somewhere in there.

Highlight of the day by FAR was seeing Onur, who has been working on his vulcans for the last 2 years, come so close to getting a vulcan. I spent most of my session with an eye on him since it was just a matter of time before he got his first!

When we all came back to shore he was beaming... I didn't see it but Asma did.... he owes beer.... first vulcan achieved so a huge congrats to Onur!

Weather Conditions

Strong wind with holes.... flattened 4.5 but still VERY powered at times. Surprisingly flat given the wind strength.

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  99L Skate/4.5 Guru


  1 hrs. 15 min.

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