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Lake Erie Sherston shorea

Just posted a couple of sessions I had in May..trying to keep my Journal updated! This session happened yesterday (8th). With very confusing forecasts and rain all over the place, checked the radar and looked that erie may escape the rains. Took my chances and headed down. Windyyet and the windmill were there chatting with moondoggy. Still kind of early and a little drizzle came down. Hung out a while until rain passed and a light breeze came up. Rigged windSUPs and had a blast. Later on the wind shifted a little more west and it was just DTL fun on waist, some times shoulder and occasionally head high sets! If I could paint a perfect windSUP session, this would be it. I would only add sunshine! Just one friggin awesome day!. After about 4 hrs on the water, the wind started backing off and waves subsiding. Got up, packed and headed with moondoggie for a dead mans SUP session for another hr of fun on glassy waves. I haven't SUPed in surf for a very long time (hardly any last year) and still quite green in that department. literally got my ass handed to me! Did finally manage to get back in the groove and nailed some sweet rides on smaller stuff. Moondoggie was on fire and was just killing it! Such a relaxed fluid style he's got!

Weather Conditions

Cloudy, Light winds and great waves

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  SW 12- 18




  Exocet 11'8 WindSUP/Goya Eclipse 6.2


  4 hrs.

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