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An hour of sunset planing! :)

Hamilton Harbour Burlington - CCIW

Arrived with the entire cast of characters parked in a line up and everybody on the water on 4.somethings. Hmm hard to find a spot. Seems like 25kts+, guess I'll rig 5.8. Ready to go and...something's missing....... NOOOOOOOO forgot my harness at home! Back home to Walkers Line, fighting traffic.

Got back to HH to find my board and sail still there and rigged, whew nobody stole it!

Rigged 6.7 because it had died a bit. Got out and once past the pier started flying. Planing back and forth for an hour straight. I stayed near the houses on the opposite side as that seemed to be where the wind was most powerful.

Worked on my gybes, landed a few. Found somebody's sail when I was leaving, hoping to find the rightful owner!

Weather Conditions

Gusty, choppy, but good!

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


   15-25 25




  JP X-Cite Ride 125L/


  1 hrs.

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