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Caesar Finies in the house!

San Francisco Bay 3rd Avenue

.... but wasn't on the water since he was taking it easy due to a bum knee.

Kevin had just picked him up from the airport and after was heading up to the Delta for Caesar to run the ABK camps for the next 3 weeks while Andy's off to the UK.

Went to join Kevin, Sofi and George at 3rd Avenue.

Reports coming in was that it was getting really holey in the channel and to rig big.

I saw Sofi planing on 4.2 and Kevin on 4.4 though but I had already rigged my 5.3 so slapped it on the 86L and was off.

Planing right from shore but the further out you got, the lighter it was.

Amazingly, I would say that Sofi and I were at equal planing power, him on his 4.2/90L freestyle, me on 5.3/86L FSW.

4.8L/99L would have been great!

Blasted around, hopped a bit and even did one long reach out to the channel where I was bobbing around. Got really good at light-wind waterstarting to make it back and was happy to finally reach the bubble of wind by shower and be planing again (sore neck from planing/schlogging out in one direction for 10 minutes and schlogging back 15 mins)

It was nice that it was sunny... and the astroturf rigging area was amazing... and I went to the channel, so there's that.

Mowing the lawn on 5.3 wasn't spectacular, but it was fun none-the-less

Weather Conditions

4.8 winds right by shore, dead calm on the outside

The Day at a Glance






  86L Kode/5.3 Ghost


  1 hrs. 45 min.

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