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Under the shadow of the golden gate

Central Bay Crissy Field

I arrived at Crissy to what looked (to me) like solid wind.

It's amazing how differently the wind reads at each of the spots in the bay.

I opted for 4.2 and 86L, trusting that Kevin went out on 4.0 as he reported by email. Since I didn't see him anywhere by the main sailing area I started to pinch upwind towards the North Tower to see if I could find him there.

Fell off a plane here or there on the way, getting caught in the wind shadow but made it up there quickly thanks to a strong ebb which was starting.

As I got nearer, I could see Kevin's MauiSails sail playing just down-wind of the north tower. Getting closer, the water state changed from choppy, standard crissy, into big and sometimes very steep shoulder to head high rollers! Amazing!

Played around there, fully powered on my 4.2, watching Kevin do huge shove-its off the swell. Followed him outside the golden gate.

Having the glare of the afternoon sun suddenly disappear as you sail through the shadow of the golden gate into the open ocean is a cool feeling.

Spend a good amount of time with Kevin sailing different areas on the Marin side of the bay, mainly around North Tower before finally heading back in.

One moment was a big nerve wrecking as a barge was pushing it's way quickly right through the sailing area by the north tower, forcing you into the area directly between both towers. Meanwhile, a tourboat was coming through by the south tower which normally does a u-turn right outside the bridge and comes back through the middle.... and of course in the distance there was a huge tanker approaching. Definitely a boat-traffic filled day.

Finally sailed away from strong 4.2 downwind back towards Crissy.

Nearly made the mistake of sailling too close to shower in the shadow of the Presidio but followed Kevin as he gybed out into the middle of the bay to find wind to get us back home. By shore at Crissy it was only blowing 4.8/99L so definitely happy to make it back mostly planing.


Landing a clean airy loop off the swell under the north tower.

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  86L Kode/4.2 Guru


  2 hrs.

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