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oh yeah

Lake Erie Sherston shorea

Word was that the gang was heading out early as when the bigger winds were forecasted. It was also forecasted for the wind to back off and shift more west to NW, which actually sounded more interesting to me. Anyway, I managed to get there by 9.30. some wind and waves but not what I expected! Rigged the 118 & XL chopper and took off. Just enough power but could do with more, so changed for the 6.2. Waves were a little bigger than Sunday but the wind seemed a little more onshore making front side turns a bitch!....but fun backside rides. A real good summer fun session. During a break I lent my kitt to a buddy. After having a blast out there, he got caught in a lull and ended up a little downwind. Wind seemed up again, so I took it from there and headed way out to make it back up, unfortunately I got caught in a huge lull and ended up in the shore break way down Pleasant beach. As soon as got on the beach, I notice the sand blowing side off! yeah... the wind was up and an easy tack up to the barge. Gusts getting super strong but managed some sweet rides before deciding to get back to the chopper. Waves now got bigger, steeper and smoother, but by then, the wind was up and down making for some slogging to get to the waves. A super sweet session... By the time the wind let up too much I was beat!.... A good break on the beach and back out for a wind sup side off super session! What a thrill...and what a day!

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  W 10-25 24




  Goya 118 Quad / Exocet 11'8 windsup/Goya Eclipse 6.2 / Chopper XL


  5 hrs.

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