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Short afternoon session @ MCP

Lake Ontario Marie Curtis Park

My first time at MCP. I live in Burlington, so the natural choice is Burlington Beach. However I have taken a beating there many many times when we have a NE or E wind. Plus the shorebreak at Burlington beach just lasts forever, it's too difficult to get out at times.

As far as MCP goes I liked it. Scenic and nice location, parking close to beach and a nice area to rig. When I arrive (around 1pm) I saw some windsurfers de-rigging and leaving and kiters calling it a day. Hmmm... Should I be going out alone at a new spot when everybody else is getting out of the water? I asked some locals for any advice or hazards I should be aware of, they just said watch out for the logs in the water!

I headed out alone in the hard rain. Shorebreak at the beach was huge, but there were flat spots between the wave sets and I just waited for my spot. It was very easy to get past the shorebreak, it didn't last long at all (unlike Burlington!). Once I got out about 50m I started flying. The ability to water-start was a pre-requisite today so I'm glad I'm proficient at that now. I had a good session but called it quits when the fog started rolling in and the rain turned into a torrential downpour.

Good day, but it was physically demanding. Reminds me I need to get back in shape! I was going to use the gopro on water, but it was raining so hard I figured the footage would be covered in water droplets...

Weather Conditions

Wood and logs floating everywhere. Got some good practice with foot-steering my board trying to dodge all this stuff. Shorebreak was pretty big, but there were good gaps to get out

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  E 15-20 15




  JP X-Cite Ride 125L/Neil Pryde 6.7 Fusion


  1 hrs.

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