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Home spot finally delivers!

Lake Ontario MCP

This has been a looong time coming! Been a while since a good NE came to visit the neighbourhood. Had some commitments Sat early morning. Drove by the beach, few guys out on kites and a lighter breeze. Got my stuff done and was back checking the beach by noon. It was raining quite heavy, wind and waves not yet impressive, so decided on lunch and a wait! Forecast for the good wind was to come later. By 4 pm Slammed 33 and myself headed down to the beach....still not much wind but the waves were looking better. Decided to rig and be ready. Wasn't long before we headed down to the water. Good size shore break with a wind shadow but wasn't bad getting out! Waves were a decent size with some huge stuff in between, especially on the outside. Managed to nail some very sweet rides going frontside. At one time, 33 sees me dropping in on a smooth big wave. Drop was followed by a massive wipeout. 33 claimed that the wave was over my mast! I think it must have been the biggest i've sailed MCP! Totally awesome fun! Pity I didn't have enough energy to stay out longer!

Lots of floating logs in the water, but at least the rain wasn't bad at all!

Weather Conditions

Grey sky, brown water and light rain

The Day at a Glance


  NE 18-28 18




  Goya 118 Quad/Chopper L


  1 hrs. 30 min.

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