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Sharp park round 2

Pacific Ocean Sharp Park (Pacifica)

I saw Marc pull in after he finished his workday saying it was windy at Sharp Park and he was heading down.

I knew there was a marine surge happening but was planning on running errands instead of sailing, but what the hell... why not go join him.

I got there and it looked really windy. Swell seemed bigger today with the sets being around head high and breaking a bit further out. Maybe the tide was a bit lower.

I was thinking I should rig 4.8 but remembering the last time when I was planing only half the time, I rigged 5.3 instead.


I managed 30 minutes of good sailing but was properly overpowered. Back hand was really heavy even with the lines back..... getting into the straps before sheeting in to avoid catapulting. Just uncomfortable sailing.

Again avoiding really getting any waves as they broke but playing on them while they were still really steep. Not easy to play around and it was quickly taking it's toll on my hands.

After 30 minutes I came in ... got the clew caught on the shore-pound backwash which I thought would snap a mast, boom, or blow my sail but it held up and managed to get out unscathed.

I could have re-rigged to 4.5.. or downhauled 4.8 but decided to just go run my errands after all. Great 1h detour.

Weather Conditions

Big sets coming through, choppy water on the outside.

The Day at a Glance






  86L Kode/5.3 Ghost


  30 min.

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