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Tuesday: it's hot hot hot

San Francisco Bay Candlestick Park

Heat wave day so I kicked off the thread and got people down to Candlestick.

Jenn took the munchkin to play group so I used it as an occaision to sail while my mom used the opportunity to be a tourist in SF.

Lots of dawgs are still in the Gorge, but Kevin, George and Graham showed up for a classic stick day. I went out on 4.5 and had alot of fun... took it easy at first and didn't tweak anything which is awesome.

Spocks felt great today and I even managed a flaka (and another one where I fell into the water with no wind after a nice rotation).

Starting to think about doing some new moves. Gave a grubby one shot which ended in disaster. Also sailed switch for the better part of a reach and managed to cleanly duck the sail but didn't sail away from a tack (kept going more across the wind).

Either way... tons of fun.

Weather Conditions

4.5 was a great call. At first it was lighter and I had to wait for a gust to get planing, but I actually preferred that to when it picked up

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