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8.2 from the Russian judge.

Lake O Gazebo

Typical overcooked lookin day at local beach. Meh, ho hum, should I or shouldn't I....

Glad I did....... despite cross off - side off variable. Was super strong in the gusts up by the pier. Like 25 knots.... To handle which I was forced to use all my notinconsequential weight to hold down me 7.6. That sail has grunt on the bottom and control on the top. Beauty. Mad fast runs and locked out upwinders till I dropped the sail and was then awarded a 8.2 from the Russian judge for full backward dismount due to breaking uphaul. Water seemed rather crispy. No, it was actually ' freezin ....

Always wear a wetsuit at this launch even on super hot days on lake O. Upwelling is icey.

Mcguivered the uphaul to harness lines and limped home to a cool Pabst BR.

Note to self: Self: stamina is insuff. Technique is compro. Gear is dialled but heed needs deeds. Get out more.

Planed a jibe on the Phantom today that was


Weather Conditions

Gusty, very gusty

The Day at a Glance


   10-25 33




  Phantom 377/Point Seven 7.6


  43 min.

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