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All day waiting

Lake Erie Long Beach

Watched the wind since mornig as I really was hoping to get on the water today.

Checked between 3 websites and taking trips outside and to various beaches to see who was out and what was going on. Stuff seemed kind of mellow and no one insight up until approximately 3:30. Decided to go for it, threw the board on the car and headed to the Long Beach public beach as I had no cash for the Conservation Area (do they take debit? Didn't know)

Wind seemed slow but started to pick up significantly around 4:30 - 4:45 allthough it was more south than west i think. Got some good runs and did not bad with a couple things im working on.

4 kiters out maybe and could see a few of you guys out at the Conservation Area.

This year I am trying to get into the straps and hook in with the harness and I realized today i need serious tips and assistance. Sometimes when i hook in...bad things happen lol.

See "Hooking In?" in forums.

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