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Beautiful winds and water

Georgian Bay Killbear Park

Day 3. My older son Sean came up. He has missed being at Killbear when the winds are good so Sat was great. Lots of big smiles as he was shaking the rust off ,getting some water starts and blasting. Tyler was working hard on jibes and managing to get some. Always more difficult when you start throwing waves into the mix. (seems most videos show them in flatwater conditions). Everyone will be sore but looking forward to day 4, with another strong wind warning posted.

Of course this is my justification for all the gear.

Weather Conditions

choppy disorganized warm

The Day at a Glance


  W 15-18 24




  150 xc ride / 125 tabou rocket/116 JP Allride/8.0 hot sails maui stealth/ 7.0 maple freak/6.5 retro


  3 hrs.

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