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5 in a row - What a way to finish it

Hamilton Harbour CCIW

Today called upon all my sailing skills.

Got there about 8:30am and it was picking up. Rigged the 6.7 as it was the only sail I brought and headed out not expecting too much... just hoping for a couple of reaches. It kept building and I got on a good pattern of blasting from one side to the other and gybing. Then things got crazy and the wind picked up to 30kts for about 20mins...

I see a max of 24kts on the wind meter, but I know it was far more powerful than that because I couldn't even sail. Even in 25kts on 6.7 I can muscle the sail, sink deep into the harness, head upwind and hold on for the ride. There was actually a point where I couldn't even waterstart because the sail kept flying out of my hands. If it wasn't that, then every time I'd get up I couldn't manage the power and I'd be pulled just round upwind and fall over (reminds me of when I was learning!). Somehow I managed to get back to the launch, but I did think for a while I'd end up on those bird islands. As one slowly drifts closer and closer to those rocky islands it, certainly gives you incentive to keep trying to waterstart! Never give up, especially when you're in the water with $2000 worth of gear.

After thanking god for getting in, I flattened out my sail to its max settings and waited for a while. It dropped enough for me to head back out with another sailor. And for about an hour I had consistent planing conditions. Then it dropped when Dave arrived but there were still some gusts to keep us smiling. Had a great chat with him after and he gave me lots of really good advice. Also showed me his 80L board and that got me interested! Maybe another board this fall, we'll see... Packed up and headed home around noon.

I had a nasty fall though. Not sure what happened but I was going for a gybe, didn't sheet in, the clew hit the water and I and went flying out the front door. I landed on the water flat on my back and actually skipped like a stone for one good bounce. Usually my falls don't hurt but this one somewhat knocked the wind out of me and I had to catch my breath and collect myself for about 2-3mins in water. Managed to pull a muscle in my neck in the process, didn't feel that until long after though.

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Everything from slogging in nothing to completely overpowered wondering if I'd make it back in, haha.

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   10-30 21




  JP X-Cite Ride 125L/Neil Pryde 6.7 Fusion


  2 hrs.

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