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Steady & gentle!

Lake Erie LBCA

Passing over Hamilton Harbour (yes, I kept the car windows closed) I could see whitecaps all over, so expectations for Long Beach were high. When finally arrived there, Lake Erie was flat, and regulars were talking about 7-oh sails! Damn.. Local wind guru declared "it's coming later this afternoon", so I rigged a 6.7 just until that time, and set up a 5.6 for the (promised) big blow later.

Wind steadily increased but Lake Erie decided to stay gentle that day, so 6.7 was my main sail of the session; tried out the 5.6 eventually, but wasn't holding rock solid like the 6.0 some other sailors had rigged, so back to 6.7.. Warm waters, gentle wave action, I did manage to find the only rocky spot with my fin, out comes the sanding paper.. Stay away from the shallows on the right side when launching!

Not epic but still great sailing, warm and sunny, no stinky weeds, good crowd of 15+ on the water together, what a way to finish a long weekend!

Weather Conditions

Warm and nice!

The Day at a Glance


  S 14-18 26




  rocket 135 and 115/simmer 6.7 5.6


  3 hrs. 30 min.

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