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66 km - 5 hrs - Too Much fun

Georgian Bay Killbear Provincial Park

Wow, after the storm that came through on Sunday that made that a washout Monday was awesome. Sailed in the morning with my 2 sons Sean and Tyler for almost 3 hrs and then we went out after lunch to sail up to Davey Island. Tyler was gone. He is an upwind monster and made it up to Carling Rock. All that training at TWC. I could just make his sail out fully raked back as he blasted across the channel on the 116 JP Allride. Sean had not sailed in a year but got back in the groove.

Water temperature was great, and in the afternoon the wind was consistent so on plane on some great long tacks. I have been up at Killbear many times where you get maybe 1 day of 4 with solid planing winds so getting this many days was a super treat.

Left Tuesday after a great trail run on the Lookout Point trail. No sailing but really pretty exhausted and really stoked.

Weather Conditions

Choppy swell

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  W 18-22 25




  150 JP xcite, 125 tabou, 116 JP Allride/8.0 Hot Stealth, 8.0 Retro, 7.0 Maple Freak


  5 hrs.

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