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An actual day with an extended period of wind

Lake Ontario Point Traverse

Early start, beautiful day. Only RInr and I out as Joe was busy, Fish was going local and I'm not sure what happened to Bob and Marcus who I was expecting.

Started off well with 4.7 and 8.3 quad. So nice to get the wave-board going in some waves. Had to go up to 5.3 after a little over an hour but I'll take it!

Waves got better as the day went on but you had to time a good set breaking past the lighthouse with some gusts inside to get three or four decent turns.

At one point looked out to see RInr headed for the US on some reaches.

Wind lightened up a little so switched to big board and the waves got cleaner inside although the chop out there was psycho. The rain barely made an appearance and at about 12:30 the wind came back with a vengeance. Switched back to Quad 83 and enjoyed a couple more hours of solo wave sailing. Got absolutely flattened in some of the gusts but didn't have the energy to re-rig down. So nice to finally get a day in.

Weather Conditions

Solid wind with occasional decent waves.

The Day at a Glance


  S -




  RRD 83 Quad and 109 FSW/Simmer Icon 4.7 and 5.3


  5 hrs.

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