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South Sauble wave action

Lake Huron Sauble Beach

Drove down along the beach to try the South end of Sauble (almost destroyed my car crossing the puddles, lost some bottom plastic).

Turns out the South end is much friendlier on a good SW, wind isn't as on-shore as the North half of the beach, and sandbar closeouts don't extend as far offshore.

Best waves I've been in this year, so different than the shoal at home as theres no specific “spot” to wait for a good set, just hope one comes behind you on the far sandbars and catch a second ride on the next group of sandbars...

Made use of the 3.0 on the wave sup, a little underpowered at first, only had to uphaul once, and my “getting out” skills seem to be better this year. Dying to get spray-throwing top turns, but can't seem to keep the speed after bottom turns.

Eventually the wind came up enough I was almost planing with the 3.0, all the kiters (I was the only sailor i saw) packed it in when the gusts got up in the 30kts.

Black clouds coming in fast ended the session.

Weather Conditions

big gusts side-on, some head+ swell outside

The Day at a Glance


  SW 20-33 20




  119L prowave/Noth Ego 3.0


  3 hrs.

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