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Sailing solo

San Francisco Bay Haskins

All the dawgs were heading to the Stick, but since that isn't so family friendly, I opted for Haskins so that Jenn and Winter could join for a walk while I sailed.

Managed to get a good hour on the water working on flakas. Haskins is truly flaka heaven. The first one I tried was on pancake flat water and I was able to throw and rotate super fast, with clean slide and didn't need a big ramp.

That being said, the wind today was borderline unsailable it was so gusty. I didn't have a single reach where I didn't schlogg (dropping down to like 5 mph winds), despite being powered on 4.5 in the gusts.

I think I had maybe 1-2 reaches where I was planing for most of the reach... the rest were short lived puffs in which I had to setup and throw a move.

Either way.. it was sunny, warm and I was able to head out with the family :) I'll take it.


+ One clean flaka... 2 over-rotated

+ Half my attempts end up in with a solid rotation

Weather Conditions

Gusty to the point of unsailable... really flat though as I showed up just as the tide was filling in.

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