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Good old school Ktown thermal.

Lake Ontario Richardson Beach

Great session today at Emily St.. Its been a long time since we've had some minor system winds with a big thermal shove to kick it into high gear. I got there a bit late for the wind since it started to ramp up around noon or even earlier, but still managed to get in 3 solid hours with my 4.7 Banzai and 105 Goya One. Nice combo, although during the peak of it, would have liked to have my small board with me.

Spent most of the day working on improving shoveits and starting my homework on shakas. Can't say I made any progress on shakas but at times the attempts felt a bit more 'right'. Fun trick to work on for sure, but frustrating not being able to get the rotation really working.

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The Day at a Glance


  SW 22-26 25




  Goya One 105/4.7 Goya Banzai


  3 hrs. 20 min.

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