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Linking Moves Together

Lake Erie Long Beach

Great day but I should have just rigged the usual combo at the start instead of wasting precious sailing time rigging the back up smaller sail that I never used.

My husband finally scored a nice session late day (best wind) with a couple of sailors who will remain anonymous for obvious reasons......cough, cough :-)

Work and other obligations have kept him from enjoying much sailing.

All he had to do was hop on the gear I left rigged for him and as my friend Percy would say....get all upside down :-)

Wind direction was nice cause you could take right off from near shore.

All good wind, weather and water temp wise.

Thanks Windjunky for the tips on rigging that proto type 5.3 Maui Sail.....MUCH better now :-) Missed you and C!

Planning Jybe!

How can this be such an elusive move for me?

I just learned to play ukulele in April (bought it at Andy's shop in the OBX)

and I can play and sing Rip Tide by Vance Joy while hula hooping so I'm capable of doing 3 things at once........

Do I need to learn to do 7 things at once to tune my body and mind for this move......stand on one foot with a plate on my head, chew gum while singing. hula hooping and playing the ukulele while jumping up and down?

Sailed Tuesday as well....typical LB on S/W.

Worked hard on jybes in general.......made lots....not pretty but mostly dry. According to K my board is the talent and actually doing all the work for me :-))))

Now if I could just train the sail.......

Weather Conditions

More on shore so nicer swell

The Day at a Glance


  SW 15-22 22




  110,100/5.8, 5.3


  1 hrs. 30 min.

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