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never know unless you try

Ontario Vineland

After spending the last 2 days trying to find a suitable launch between Fifty Point and Burloak Park in a NE (I found none) I decided today was Victoria Avenue day. 4.0 smallest sail rigged flat; 7'11" board; did one run out and back and left with my tail between my legs, and a bummed knee. The lake was raging on its 3rd+ day of 30+kn. Gusts had to be well over 40kn. Note to self: when the kiters are on 5.5, probably means the 4.0 isn't the call...2 other guys on 3.6 making a good go of it. Water temp was fine but air temp was cool. First time ever sailing here, will be back. Decent launch.

Weather Conditions

overpowering survival conditions

The Day at a Glance


  E 35-45 10




  RogueW 7'11/4.0 Ezzy panther 2


  10 min.

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