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Chop 'n' waves

Lake Ontario Point Traverse

Sailed out of Pt Traverse with Craig, Bob and Marcus and another local who shall not be named. Joe apparently had some 'work' to do... something about providing shelter for his family or something absurd like that ;)

Launched from the cottage off a challenging shelf. The sailing was basically directly across the bay and across the lighthouse point. Adjacent to the bay, it was heinous chop on top of waves, various directions. Quite the mess. But, once you got in front of the shallows by the lighthouse, things cleaned up nicely for some decent medium sized port ramps. There were a couple mystical locations where there were almost always a set of 3 or 4 monster waves jacking up and breaking. Great to see the gang having lots of fun. Saw Bob get some really nice backside cutbacks crossing in front of the lighthouse and the odd big air by pretty much everyone.

Fun day!

The Day at a Glance






  Quatro Quad LS 78/4.2 Banzai


  3 hrs.

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