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Lake Ontario Point Traverse + Not-so-secret new spot.

Sailed out of a 'new' spot on the north shore of the Pt. Traverse peninsula. Not technically legal mind you, so probably should not be a regular spot nor advertised as to where we sailed. Anyway, suffice to say there is an abandoned property on the north shore near the tip of the peninsula with a large gravel deposit along the otherwise steep/cliff shoreline. One can drive down there with multiple vehicles and have easy access to starboard tack and a launch that is reasonable to get in and out.

Waves were by no means epic there and no use comparing to the west side of the lake, but we had fun nonetheless. Pretty much the same gang there, minus Bob and Marcus, plus a couple gents from Quebec and a new face named Ron (who I suspect might be (Mad Eye) Moodey from this forum? - sorry Ron - have to add the Mad Eye to your name, can't resist, just reading our kids Harry Potter).

This was an interesting spot. There wasn't much in the way of truly rideable waves, unless you came withing severe crunch potential against shore. There were some very large freight trains out there to jibe on and get some big aiir. Thanks to Victoria for coming out and snapping a few photos and I think everyone pulled out their cameras from time to time. Pretty fun for a sizable NorthEast blow.

Still pining for the first major Mac;s of the year! Tried to upload photos and did not work.

Weather Conditions

Big rollers with some peeling waves across the gravel deposit

The Day at a Glance


  NE 30-35 12




  Quatro Quad LS 78/3.7 Banzai


  3 hrs. 20 min.

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