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Made it back

Lake Ontario Prince Edward Bay

I was driving out to Point Traverse and before the point, I spotted some sails on the water. Drove down a sketchy cart track to find half a dozen sailors. Met Old Whitey, Mike, Craig and a few guys from Gatineau. Guys were sailing 3.7. All I had in that range was my 20+ year old NP RAF Cam Wave 4.0. The launch was a stoney beach with small waves. Once clear of the shore the rolling waves were at least 8 feet and choppy. Wind Alert was showing 23 gusting 32. My first instinct was to just watch but I decided to give it a go. Bad idea but I wanted to try my new Quattro Quad 95. I got out and back once without falling and had to take a break to catch my breath and gather my wits. I was out of my league. I tried it again but fell gybing and had a hard time getting going again. Spent some time in the water but eventually got up and managed to get back to shore. Ended up washed in by some limestone cliffs which luckily had a small stone beach. Did the walk of shame back. Bad day for me but still glad I went out. Nice to have met some other sailors.

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  NE 23-33 11




  Quattro Quad LS95/NP 4.0


  10 min.

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